Combining Technologies

Adhesa Plate Mfg. has been in business since April of 1954. Our skills, craftsmanship, and creativity have allowed us to combine old technology with the new. We have strategically purchased new technology equipment that is compatible with our older technology equipment. The final solution ends up being the best solution for the customer.

Adhesa-plate can combine screen printing with any of it’s digital printing processes to create a unique image that creates a great 1st impression to your customers.

We can also combine urethane dome coating with any of our printing processes to produce a more impressive high-end look for your labels.

To create a most durable foil label, Adhesa-plate can combine a UID code using our UV inkjet technology on aluminum.

In some cases, 4 color process cannot match a Pantone color. Here we can use screen printing for spot colors combined with 4 color process.

Close tolerances of +/-.005 or custom shape on .093 acrylic, Adhesa-plate combines screenprinting with laser cutting.

There is no limit to the variety of combinations we can do. Our goal is to produce high quality labels, graphic overlays, nameplates, and all our other products on time with the best cost for our customers.

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