Dome Coating

Polyurethane doming is the process of pouring liquid polyurethane on top of a label. The natural flow stop characteristics create a consistent beveled edge and a coating thickness of .060 to .080 that protects the printed image.

The urethane coating can be applied to most label materials, and to most custom shapes. Adhesa Plate can even apply special high performance adhesives for your special adhesion needs.

The urethane coating material is solvent resistant, UV resistant, scratch and dent resistant. Dents will actual “self repair”. Excellent overall durability for outdoor use. Consider replacing a metal plate with a lower cost, high quality 3 dimensional domed label.

The additional low cost that doming brings, adds tremendous value to a standard label which greatly enhances your customers 1st impression.

With Adhesa Plate’s “in-house processing” even small quantities are affordable. Our enhanced “post dome” cutting process creates a keypad overlay used for elastomeric keypads. See our “Featured Products” for more details.

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