Full Service Art Department

Most artwork used by Adhesa Plate is supplied by the customer. Here are some suggested requirements that can help expedite the process.

Vector formatted files are the most reliable.

It is best to build the graphics & text in a “graphics based” program such as Adobe Illustrator. This will reproduce an image that has the highest quality.

If you are producing a half-tone or photograph image we recommend using Adobe Photoshop.

Files can be accepted on both Mac & PC formats in the following programs:

Adobe Illustrator (preferred), PDF, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, MS Word and CorelDraw. In some cases we can work with CAD files.

Include fonts (or convert text to outlines ) and original graphics used to produce the original file.

When sending files via E-mail we recommend compressing them.

Adhesa Plate offers exceptional quality and service in the creation of custom artwork for labels and graphic overlays. Art proofs are generated in 1-2 days from receipt of order.

By integrating the artwork creation with our digital printing and digital cutting capabilities, we are able to offer 1st article proofing or rapid prototyping to our customers.

For more information or any other questions, please send your inquiry to art@adhesaplate.com or call us at 206.682.0141.

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